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     I began my love of photography at a very early age.  I remember being at family functions and grabbing the camera from my dad just so I could be the one to take the pictures of the celebrations we were having.  I would look at the images on the camera screen and decide how much I liked each one.  I realized this is something I really loved and wanted to pursue. 

     As time went on,  I decided that my sister would make a great model for my photography practice.  (It is a good thing she doesn't mind being in front of the camera!) My mom and dad served as my chauffer and we would tour around town finding great places to capture those "just right" photos of my sister- in dance wear, casual wear, and all dressed up.  Because of the times we live in my sister's picture were fortunately seen by some of her friends and family friends and it has led me to the place I am right now.  

     I have been very fortunate to take pictures of wonderful people who have made pursuing my dream a reality.  I take pride in capturing moments that are meaningful.  


Looking forward to working with you in the future!

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